This blog is published by Patients Know Best, a UK-based provider of patient-controlled medical records.

We have developed the world’s first patient-controlled patient portal. A number of regions over the world use our platform to share and exchange health information across their entire health economy.

Through this blog, our intention is to provide fellow advocates of personal health records with information and teachings from thought leaders on how to work with patients online.

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    1. Hi Ed,
      We do have patients in the USA using PKB, primarily for rare diseases and genomic sequences.

      There used to be US systems that tried to be patient-centric and vendor-independent, but they shut down. The last major contendors were Microsoft’s HealthVault, and GetRealHealth. We discussed the November 2019 shut-down in this blog post:


      Are you asking about bringing PKB to someone you know in the USA? Feel free to contact us on help@patientsknowbest.com to discuss this more.

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