Patients Know Best chosen as one of the top start-ups for Cambridge Enterprise Conference

It is great to have news like this: Cambridge Enterprise Conference chose PKB as one of the eight companies to present at their 2009 conference. Not only is it a great honour to have been chosen, but it is wonderful to look back on what we achieved in 12 months. It is exactly one year since I returned to the UK to start PKB using everything I had learned about health care IT in the previous 15 years.

CEC’s 2008 conference was the first event I attended and I remember walking round the presentation areas of the companies chosen that year and thinking how great it would be to join them one day. Well, on September 23rd, we get to, and we will be announcing our first UK customer and demonstrating our software with them.

It is a great conference to attend by the way. This year the focus is on exporting to and reaching large international markets. This is great for us as we prepare for our Saudi Arabia trip as we present at Saudi Healthcare 2009. Saudi Arabia is our third market after the UK and USA.


  1. Mohammad, just realised that this wasn’t the post I though it was! So congratulations on SEEDCAMP as well as your successes in July…

    (The invitation to visit still stands!)


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