The hottest tech out of the UK’s Silicon Valley

We had a great time presenting at the 10th Cambridge Enterprise Conference and interviewed Dawson King for a 7-part series: The hottest tech out of UK’s Silicon Valley. The other six companies higlighted were:

  • Cronto: produced software for mobile phones that will check whether a banking transaction is genuine
  • Emotion AI: develop technologies to automate the process of creating real time, personalized, emotional expression for avatars and characters
  • OmniPlug Technologies: created The RatPlug, which will download media files, such as photos and videos to any USB-enabled device – such as an MP3 or portable video player – while it’s charging
  • Timetric: fellow Seedcampers are the YouTube of data by graphing, tracking and comparing the movements of data over time
  • RDS Innovations: made the Chain Reaction DNA canister that sprays burglars as they try to break in so that the police can identify them later
  • Novalia: can print electronics circuit boards onto paper to make Interactive Printed Media

Photos: The hottest tech out of the UK’s Silicon Valley

Cambridge start-ups show off security tech, emotions for avatars and DNA trackers

With NHS plans to create electronic medical records still years away from completion, private sector companies are stepping in to fill the gap.

Patients Know Best (PKB) have built a system that gives patients online access to their full medical record from home and gives them control over who can access their records.

The system is being trialled with 150 patient records at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and, if it is successful, the company has 15 other NHS hospitals interested in using the system.

Any updates to records or test results are available to the patient as soon as they are made. This is possible because PKB is able to pull information directly from NHS files inside the NHS secure N3 network, thanks to it meeting the necessary security standards.

Patients will also be able to have an online consultation with their doctor through the system and upload home readings such as blood glucose results.

Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, co-founder of PKB, said with the system patients with chronic conditions better manage their illnesses from home and improve communications between the patient and the doctor.

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