How to get people to exercise: piano stairs

Watch how few people use stairs at the beginning of this video. And then watch what happens when they make the stairs into a piano.

This reminds of Rajiv Mehta’s description of his work on Zume Life in the PKB podcast.

It’s not particularly helpful to point out to people that why you’re not doing something if they’re simply not able to do it. And we felt that a lot of the healthcare regimens that doctors ask us to follow are at a very practical sense logistically impossible in our busy lives.

So, the goal was to develop a solution that helps people with that. And so the Zume Life solution that we developed, we developed a prototype and so forth and tested it extensively over time, it helps people do that, it gives them reminders in a very sophisticated way for anything that they consider health related that requires reminders. It helps them keep track of anything and everything that’s health related primarily from the perspective of helping them get through their day, basically reducing the hassles of life.

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