Welcome Wired readers

Wired UK magazine has featured Patients Know Best in its March 2011 issue so we have been getting a lot of patients who are asking to use us with their clinical teams. If you are one of these patients, welcome! We are delighted to offer our tools directly to patients free of charge, so click the Sign up button.

Power to the patient

To begin the process, someone needs to look at your photographic identification, whether it is us or your medical team. We have been busy arranging for these identification steps and it has meant we have been meeting many patients, each of whom tells us stories of why they need to use a patient-controlled medical records system like PKB.

Next step is to sign the consent form, to show that you understand that you are in control of these records, but also that you are responsible for keeping your password safe, and for help helping your clinicians fix mistakes you see in your records. Because with PKB, the patient becomes part of the clinical team.

Then we activate your account… you are now ready to work with your doctors, nurses, and other carers anywhere in the world.


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