New feature: Test results

The development team has been busy working on two new features for patients, and they’ve just been released. The first one is test results.

Already on Patients Know Best, clinicians are sharing test results with patients by messaging; for example, at Great Ormond Street Hospital, children’s community nurses are sending patients their test results via PKB so that they’re in the patient’s record and so that the patient’s entire clinical team, including the clinicians at GOSH, can see them. As of last week, patients now have a ‘Tests’ section where they can enter their test results into a form and share them with their clinicians to start a discussion about them.

This initial functionality is for patients who have test results to hand to upload. Thanks to increasingly ubiquitous camera-equipped smartphones, it is really easy for patients to take advantage of this by snapping photos at the doctor’s office or hospital of test results or other records; Mohammad posted about this recently. If a patient has a scanned copy or a photograph of some test results, it can be uploaded and will sit alongside the results as a source file for anyone in the clinical team to refer to.

Test results

Very soon, clinicians will also be able to enter test results into the same form and send them to patients; as soon as the clinician who has ordered the tests gets the results, they can be instantly and securely shared with the patient and the patient’s entire clinical team.

Uniquely, for both patient- and clinician-submitted results, we ask for the range of the test result. This is really important as without the range, the clinician cannot interpret the values. The ranges vary from lab to lab, and even within the same lab, they vary over time as machines are recalibrated. Eventually we also plan to display the relevant information that will explain the test and the results to the patient in language he/she can understand, and we can only do this if we have the range.

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