Test results enhancements

The test results feature has had its first upgrade and now has nice graphical representations of results over time (called ‘sparklines’), grouped by organ, plus information and commentary about the test and the results. Here is a screenshot of what the Tests page would look like for a patient whose test results (and ranges) had been entered into Patients Know Best over time.

The black line charts the result over time, against the green strip which represents the range. If the latest result is outside the range it is highlighted in red, otherwise it is black. If no range has been entered, the background remains white, and if only one result has been entered, only a black dot will appear (as is the case with the sodium and potassium results in this screenshot). This gives a clinician a very handy, easy-to-digest snapshot of all the patient’s results.

Then, clicking in to a particular test, you see the detail about the values and timing of the test results. For common tests there is also a short description of what the test is for and commentary about the latest result in layman’s terms. This is so that patients can be informed about their treatment because we think that the more patients know, the more involved they will be in their treatment, which leads to better care and, hopefully, health.

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