Do you Skype?

“Do you have Skype facilities in PKB?” is a question I have been asked several time in the last few days because of the call for Skype usage by Sir Bruce Keogh from the Department of Health.

The answer is “yes, but we do it properly”. Because Skype as it stands alone is an impressive consumer technology, but that does not mean it is a clinical one. You need to add the clinical workflow, and you need to capture the data for the patient and clinicians to use after the consultations. Here is Gary Hotine, Health Informatics Service Director at NHS South Devon, talking about our integration.

The Skype work demonstrates two key approaches we have to patient-controlled records. First, using technology that patients like and already use, rather than forcing something else new onto them as so many previous tele-health efforts had done. But second, working with the clinicians to understand their workflow so well that patients’ technologies fit into clinicians’ requirements.


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