Patients Know Best Secure Co-Investment

UnLtd and Hospital IT Europe have covered our recent £50,000 co-investment from Big Venture Challenge, a lovely prize matching the investments we have started receiving from Silicon Valley angels. It is wonderful to work with UnLtd, who have supported us in the past with Level 1 and Level 2 awards, and more recently a £25,000 prize for being one of the top 25 social enterprises in the UK. We highly recommend to any budding social entrepreneur that they work with the team at UnLtd. The mentoring, networking, publicity and support they give are well worth it.

The investments we are receiving are part of our global expansion. We will be announcing more news of our international partners in the next few weeks and the growth has been spurred by proof that the model works in the UK, and that US institutions are signing up as customers. We built Patients Know Best from day 1 as a global platform, HIPAA-compliant for US professionals, Data Protection Act-compliant for EU ones, and available to any citizen anywhere in the world.

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