Announcing the Patients Know Best Mobile App

We are happy to announce the new PKB mobile App, which we officially unveiled at the March 2013 NHS Innovation Expo.

The Story Behind the App
We noticed that patients were accessing PKB on mobile devices quite frequently and that accessing their health record while travelling was particularly important to them. Similarly, our team heard from some patients with rare conditions that using PKB was the first time they felt safe enough to travel, as they had their full care plans with them at the click of a button and the ability to consult with their specialist while on the road.

These patients, however, were anxious about unreliable internet access, which might mean they couldn’t log in to their account. We always work hard to incorporate the ideas of everyone who uses PKB. In this case, we listened to their feedback and built the mobile App, so they could have a copy of their records stored offline on their cell phone wherever they may be.

The Benefits
Getting test results delivered on a mobile phone means patients can review the data before and after an appointment, so they are better prepared. It also makes sharing and consulting over the results with other clinicians or carers easier and more convenient.

How Can I Get a Copy of the App?
You can download the mobile App from the Google Play store. After you have downloaded the App, you will be asked to provide login credentials to your secure PKB account and create a secure pin, so that only you can access the App. After that, you can download your test results and access the data anywhere, anytime.


  1. PKB is great, but I use it more to message doctors and nurses rather than for test results. The phone app appears to only show test results, not a message history, so for me, this app is not really that helpful when I’m on the go.

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