e-Consultation for Medical Students: RSM course by Leicester Medical School

Last year Leicester Medical School became the first medical school in the UK to teach online consultations as part of their curriculum. We are proud that they used Patients Know Best as the software with which to teach. One thing both PKB and Leicester’s academics agreed on from the start was that we would teach others how to teach such a course. The Royal Social of Medicine. as part of its educational mission, in supporting us in this.

So from today you can sign up for the “e-Consultation for Medical Students” course. The event will at 6.30 p.m. to 8.45 p.m. on Thursday 20 March 2014. You can download the flyer for full details.

Taught by Ron, Jane and Mary – the faculty at Leicester – as well as the first group of students that they had taught in the course, it is worth attending if you want to help tomorrow’s clinicians learn how to provide online consultations. Registration is free, thanks to the RSM’s kind sponsorship, and course materials will be available for download after the event, thanks to the great work of the Leicester team.


    1. Thanks for following this Jorge,
      We will be recording the event and making the videos and teaching materials available for local use. I would be really interested in hearing how you would use this locally so that we can better provide you with the materials you would need.

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