Welcome HealthFounders to PKB!

Back in 2008, our first business plan identified the “family chief medical officer”:

more often than not a woman, and typically from the age group of the “sandwich generation”, looking after elderly parents and her young children. The fCMO has to manage the health care of several family members but lacks the time to attend all their appointments. She also needs to collate summaries of health care status before each appointment, e.g. the vaccination history of children.

As we started rolling out the software, we focused on hospitals who wanted to empower their patients rather than working directly with patients ourselves.

And then we heard from Johnny Walker, whose vision was focused on empowering the fCMO with a whole range of tools, including PKB’s contribution – a patient-controlled record. Johnny is highly experienced in the tech and medical field. He is not only a clinically active Interventionalist Radiologist & Nuclear Physician but also an international medical entrepreneur with a successful startup, Global Diagnostics (founded in 2001 with the inspiration on providing point of care mobile Ultrasound services to remote Aboriginal Communities), already under his belt and a mentor to many entrepreneurs in this field. He also appears on the RTE One Doctor’s on Call show.

We are proud to announce that we will be partnering with Ireland’s Jinga Life, founded by Johnny. Jinga (“the Female Warrior”) is a much better name than our own fCMO and Jinga Life has a big vision and lots of features immediately useful to families. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

Its creators, HealthFounders, are building a new healthcare ecosystem where patients take more ownership of their well-being. Our partnership will help build “Jinga Life” a home-based personalised Family Electronic Health Record and integrated 30 second Video Messaging Tool (Jinga Snap) aimed at engaging, empowering and enabling the Female Warrior (…the Jinga!) at the centre of Her Family’s Healthcare Team.

The video messaging tool is particularly interesting as supported from parents using PKB at GOSH who stress the importance of sending secure messages at night when your child is ill. Even if the answer is not instant, knowing that the clinical team looking after your child has received the message is a small weight off your shoulders, allowing you and your family to carry on looking after the child rather than that worrying about how to get help. Jinga’s video messages take this to a whole new level of help.

For more information, please visit http://healthfounders.com.


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  1. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mohammad and Lloyd and the entire PKB Team on our exciting Jinga Life Project…a consumer led disruption aimed at engaging, embracing, enabling, educating and empowering the Female custodian and curator of Her Family’s health & well being! Looking forward to creating genuine value for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem through this innovative Partnership.

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