Finding and Adding Test Results on PKB

Patients like Jason Murtagh love using PKB’s test results.

Before I may have sent an email with my results to one doctor but for one reason or another, that message might not have reached anyone else. Now I can post my results up and know that everyone involved in my care can see my results and can see how my condition is progressing and reacting to different treatments.

You too can access your test results, either through the PKB web site or through your PKB app on your smartphone. On the web site, click on the Health icon, and then Laboratory. Your results will be shown separated by body area, where you can directly click on the relevant area to find your latest results. For each test result, you can also view a graph that shows the history of your results of that same test. PKB further helps you understand what the test results mean by translating some of the medical terminology into layman terms and providing you with normal ranges for comparison.

Your medical team need you to add the tests they don’t know about e.g. from another hospital. You can do that from the Laboratory page by clicking on Add Common Tests. An important best practice is to always attach a scan of a print out of your test results into PKB. This allows your clinicians to trust the source of the test, which stops them from ordering the same test again, saving you time and health care costs.

At any time, you and your clinicians can discuss a test result  securely and directly on PKB by selecting the test result and clicking Discuss. This means that you can now save time and money by getting your clinician to answer your questions online. This is much more efficient that booking an appointment, travelling to your clinician’s office and spending only 15 minutes with the clinician whilst they answer your question.

St. Mark’s Hospital is one of the hospitals that automatically transfer laboratory results into their patients’ PKB accounts. This integration saves time for St. Mark’s patients as well as saving paper costs. For St. Mark’s patients, PKB has been effective in health management, with Discussions and Test Results being the most useful features for clinicians and patients.

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