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Some meetings and events that PKB attend are the culmination of weeks of organisation and emails back and forth. Others, like the Bristol Make It Hackathon, are the result of my colleague Lyndon overhearing a conversation on a train, introducing himself and explaining why PKB would love to get involved.

I attended the Hackathon over the weekend of 14th-16th November with Tom, PKB’s developer in charge of integrations. We set off, suited and booted, to find the event in a refurbished fire station decked out in colourful posters about healthy eating alongside the latest in visualisation software and even an old fashioned printing press. This slightly off-piste approach to presentations and networking was a surprise but very welcome given it was a Friday night. Friday was set aside for presentations and discussions, with each group bringing ideas on what projects they would like to see worked on over the next two days. Projects highlighted by other groups included streamlining the patient transport system, using AI within the healthcare sector and transforming the discharge process to better support patients. PKB offered up it’s extensive APIs for budding developers to run free with and essentially ‘do something cool with’, not too much of a specification laid down there. Tom and I presented PKB to the room, taking them through the different capabilities of the site, and although as the penultimate presenters it had to be a speedy summary, we were well received and found ourselves surrounded by questions and requests for test site access at the end of the night.

Saturday was the main work day and, having slept on their ideas, two different PKB projects came to the fore. Rinaldo Tempo from Apervita chose to incorporate two different projects and bring the appointments and postcode data gathered by PKB into streamlining patient transport and enabling efficient lift sharing. The second project, and the eventual winner of the much-coveted app controlled paper aeroplane prize, came from Matt Hamilton from Enquos. Matt combined the health, nutrition and fitness tracking features of the Enquos site with the medical data held in PKB, to create a more holistic patient record bringing together health and wellness. This was a worthy winner as even in the short period of time Matt created a near-complete product which has an unimaginable number of applications for all of the departments PKB are already involved with. On the Sunday everyone presented their projects and showed the diversity of work conducted by a relatively small group in such a short period of time.

It was a pleasure to take part in such a unique event and show PKB to a new area of industry.

A big thank you goes to John Kellas for organising the event, for bringing this wide range of people into one room and for fuelling us with a selection of fresh fruit and veg juices and hummus wraps.

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