New Feature: Streaming videos directly inside your PKB account

Our newest feature allows clinicians, patients, and carers to stream video files in their PKB account without downloads to ensure the security of the files. To do so, make sure the video file is uploaded to the Files Tab in PKB (Home > Files > Add file). Once the video file is uploaded, click on ‘view’ to stream video directly in PKB.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.15.38 PM

We started working on this feature at the request of a hospital using PKB for children who have seizures. Usually the child has to be admitted to hospital to give enough time for a professional to witness the seizure, which in turn allows diagnosing of epilepsy.

Now, a carer can use their smartphone to record a video of the seizure and upload onto PKB. A quick click to discuss will send the notification to the patient’s healthcare team. The clinician can diagnose using the video and the child no longer has to come into hospital.

Later in the year we are rolling out video streaming to other parts the record, including discussion attachments and radiology images.

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