NIB’s call to action for personalised health

In November, the National Information Board released a document detailing a framework for action, titled personalised health and care 2020. In it, the NIB set out strategies for addressing the challenges facing the healthcare industry by embracing technology and data.

The delivery aims are:

  • ‘enable me to make the right health and care choices’;
  • ‘give care professionals and carers access to all the data, information and knowledge they need’;
  • ‘make the quality of care transparent’;
  • ‘build and sustain public trust’;
  • ‘bring forward life-saving treatments and support innovation and growth’;
  • ‘support care professionals to make the best use of data and technology’;
  • ‘assure best value for taxpayers’.

The aims of this framework invite openness and collaboration. It is, as Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli has said before,

not a case of asking hardworking GPs to work even longer, [but] of looking at how the whole of the NHS can work smarter – using the latest innovations in healthcare that are already available. –

We believe PKB fits well within NIB’s framework. Patients using PKB have complete access to their medical records allowing them to make the right choices regarding their health. They and their proxies invite all the necessary parties (GPs, specialists, family, social care workers, hospital IT systems, GP IT systems etc…) to view and add to their health record, giving care professionals and carers the most up to date information on the patient. PKB’s platform also allows for collaboration around the patient as well as opportunities for other bright minds to innovate (from collaborating with other tech companies in hackathons to bridging the gap between researchers and patients).

Through this openness and collaboration, the NIB is setting the foundation for innovation and improved quality of care for all patients.


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