“My Healthkit Toolbox” challenges the traditional role of medical devices and platforms

With the advent of the iWatch, Google Fit, and other health technology, new breeds of commercial medical devices and platforms are challenging the traditional view of medical visits, medical data and medical innovation. This past March, Cambridge Wireless Healthcare brought together special interest groups in healthcare to spend half a day talking about their current innovations.

The speakers included:

From patient-controlled records disrupting electronic medical records to Healthsuite digital platforms built to exchange data across the continuum of care, the innovations are making it easier for patients to manage their personal health and fitness right from their smartphones, generate insights and data, and share all this with their trusted family, friends and healthcare professionals.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, Founder and CEO of PKB

Paul Thijssen of Philips

Brian Whittle of Uniquedoc

Steve Gowers of Wireless Healthcare SIG

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