New feature updates to the PKB library

As part of our roadmap for this quarter, we are rolling out updates to the library feature in PKB. The new feature will allow coordinators to do the following:

Create folders

Coordinators can now create folders and subfolders to help organize resources into different subjects.

To do so log into your account, click on ‘Library’ and you will find a ‘Create Folder’ button.

Create Folder
Create Folder

Upload local files

On that same page you’ll also see the ‘Add File’ button as shown below.

Previously, the ‘Library’ tab of the PKB medical record only held URLs, online resources that the healthcare team wants the patient to be aware of, reference and use. Now, clinical teams can also upload files, generating additional resources such as PDFs and videos for their patients.

In this screenshot, we’ve added a diabetes PDF from our local browser.

Before adding anything
Upload File
Add File
Choose File

Reorder folders and links

Coordinators can also now reorder the folders and links by dragging them and moving them up and down. This order will be presented in the patient’s library tab.

We hope that this is helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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