Laboratory test results clinical safety warning

We have a known issue in the display of laboratory test results in some patients’ records. While we investigate the problem and the solution, the main test results page now shows this warning for all users:


The main test results page lists tests, one test for each row, with the name of the test on the left and the latest result on the right.


If a patient’s record is affected, then the right-hand value for some tests may not show the latest value. Only by clicking on the name of the test to see the chart of the test do all values appear correctly showing the latest value.

On Thursday we will release the scheduled upgrade to the laboratory tests user interface that puts the chart on both the main test results page and the individual tests’ page. Apart from increased usability, this will fix a number of known issues.

We continue to investigate the cause of the issue outlined above and thus far have identified one record affected by this. Corrective steps will follow once positive identification of the cause is made.

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