Server upgrades 3 times the speed while processing 1,000 times more data

In January we completed a major upgrade of PKB’s servers and architecture. One effect of this has been to dramatically improve end-user performance by minimising traffic between PKB’s servers.

You can see the results on where we publish our statistics real-time for customers and users. Contractually, our service level agreement is that the mean time to load 95% of user’s pages must be 5 seconds or less. Our times dropped from around 5 seconds to just over 1 second:


Beyond the contractual SLA we have a usability target of the Apdex industry standard. This is the % of pages loading within 1 second + 0.5 x the % of pages loading within 2.5 seconds. This has risen from around 50-70% to over 95%:


Our HL7 median processing times also dropped significantly from 0.5 seconds to 0.15 seconds. This is the time to process data transferred from a customer’s electronic health records.

These improvements are while processing 1,000 times more data than this time last year. The developers have more upgrades planned with further significant performance improvements.

Page responsiveness is a key driver of usage. The faster our pages load the more that customers’ staff will use PKB. This is why improving performance is top of our list in the PKB development roadmap. If you have any questions about this upgrade or anything else please contact us.

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