Deceased status

In April we will roll out deceased patient functionality. When a patient dies PKB handles their record differently.

Logging in with the patient’s username and password is no longer possible. This is to secure the record.

Carers can still log in to see the patient’s record but the carer no longer receives notifications about changes in the record. This is to minimise reminders during a difficult period for loved ones.

Professionals and coordinators viewing the record in PKB will see “(deceased)” next to the patient’s name. This is for clinical safety.

PKB continues to store the record as described in our privacy policy (which we recently updated). This is for medico-legal purposes.

Only a professional or coordinator can change the deceased status in a patient’s record. Patient and carer users cannot do so. To change the status the professional clicks “Edit” next to a patient’s name and then clicks the “Mark deceased” button. To reverse this the professional clicks “Edit” again and then the “Unmark deceased” button.

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