Test results now display faster in the patient record.

When the tests page first loads PKB now quickly shows the most recent 1,000 results. While the user looks at the data PKB loads the next result.

Tests Patients Know Best (1)

The speed is combined with safety by defaulting the date range to match the 1,000 results and limiting display to 10,000. For example if a patient has 800 test results, we show all of them with the “All” date range. If the patient has 1,200 results, of which 800 were in the last year, we default to “Year” as the date range and show the 800. If the patient has 12,000 results of which 800 are in the last month and 9,000 are in the last year, we default to “Month” and continue to load the remaining results. The user can click on “Year” to see all 9,000. The “All” option is not available as loading 12,000 is not possible in most browsers. The user can scroll left to previous years to see the other 2,000 results.


Clicking to individual test results is much faster as these no longer load separately. The individual test page is now the same as the full tests page so clicking between both views is fast.


We will continue to upgrade the speed of our pages. Our next focus is on making the graphs plot better on narrow screens (e.g. on smartphones) and making the decryption faster (the next speed limiting factor).

We will also improve the usability of test results by creating the timeline. As mentioned in our roadmap this view will show all data from all data types in one screen so the user can see at a glance what is happening to a patient. For example test results, hospital visits and symptoms would all appear in the same vertical line if they all happened on the same day.

We hope you like these changes and would love to hear the feedback. Do please contact us through the usual form or through your success team member.

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