West London Mental Health Trust integrates RiO with PKB

On 31st March West London Mental Health Trust’s RiO integration with PKB went live.

The IT team at WLMHT started with an HL7 feed. They used the open source Mirth integration engine, from their RiO mental health electronic patient record. This was for a pilot in the Early Intervention in Psychosis team. So far over 300 patients have been created in PKB transferring around 5,000 encounters and appointments into the PKB platform to help patients manage their mental health. Our developer web site has instructions on how to set up the same integration with your local integration engine.

WLMHT clinicians can click from RiO into PKB without needing to log into PKB. The integrations team used a Single Sign On mechanism from RiO into PKB. This shows valuable patient data from other sources across North West London including the Care Information Exchange, Acute, Social and Community health data.

Our developer web site has instructions for SSO as well. For any help with setting up your integrations do contact us.

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