ITV features PKB diabetes roll-out in Wales

Wales is rolling out PKB for people with diabetes as part of a national framework. ITV has featured this as part of a fascinating segment about a man from Newport who is aiming to be the first Type1 diabetic to row across the Atlantic.

Newport man aims to be first Type 1 diabetic to row Atlantic



A man from Newport is aiming to be the first Type1 diabetic to row across the Atlantic.

Hugo Thompson is part of the four-man Team Oarstruck. He along with John Morgan, Joel Wood and Monty Williams, all 26 years old, are raising money for Diabetes UK.

The group of friends from Newport say they haven’t got much rowing experience but were inspired after watching a youtube video. Now, they’re deep in training for the trans-Atlantic crossing.

Hugo Thompson
Hugo Thompson is part of Team Oarstruck Credit: ITV Wales

“The aim of the game is to raise awareness that regardless of diabetes you can achieve what you want to achieve and further,” says Hugo.

Hugo’s diabetes will need continual management throughout the journey – something some young people in Wales can struggle with.

The number of miles the team will be rowing. From the Canaries to Antigua.
The number of feet their boat, Tiny Dancer, is long

In response to this, for the first time, diabetes patients will be able to access their medical details online so help them better manage their condition.

Patients Know Best is already in use for other conditions but it’s being extended in Wales to include diabetes.

Watch the full report, below:

Team Oarstruck will set off on the 3,000mile trip in December. They will depart from the Canary Islands and hope to reach Antigua in the Caribbean in 50 days.

The team set off for Antigua in December Credit: ITV Wales

The boat that will become home for that time is 29ft long, has two cabins and is named Tiny Dancer. The team will row in pairs to ensure the boat is always moving 24hours a day. Each pair will row and rest in 2-hour shifts.

You can keep up to date with the team by searching Team Oarstruck on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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