PKB gender code set will match NHS gender code set

From mid-July PKB’s data model will change the gender code set to match the standard NHS set:

  • Unknown
  • Male
  • Female
  • Indeterminate

The final release date will be published in release notes on

The data model change will affect the API:

  • The HL7 API will accept I as a valid gender code for Indeterminate
  • The REST API will accept and return U/M/F/I using a new field called “gender”

The gender values currently supported by PKB are taken from the HL7 v2 set. We will support the NHS set instead to save customers from mapping between code sets.

Until October 2017, PKB will continue to accept Ambiguous mapping it to Unknown.

REST API endpoints affected by the addition of the new “gender” field are the /Users/ operations. In October 2017, the REST API field “genderMF”, which currently only recognises M/F as gender values, will be removed. Until then, we will accept both fields but the “gender” value will take priority.

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