PKB is enhancing the allergies, diagnoses and medications screens

This week we will start our user interface updates to improve our data display, increase support for privacy labels, and provide more information about each data point.

Based on user feedback, these changes will make screens easier to understand for patients and professionals accessing records. This is part of the work described in our development roadmap.

We will start with allergies, then update demographics and medications.

Key changes include:

  • using larger text to quickly emphasise key information
  • reporting the information as a sentence, this allows us to support data from EMIS
  • showing the privacy label for each data point as the first step towards full privacy label support
  • displaying clinical codes for data points that have them, e.g. SNOMED codes and Read v2 codes. This removes ambiguity when referring to allergies, diagnoses and medications.
  • adding a heading for past allergies and diagnoses
  • displaying the source of each data point consistently. The will include all available information about the person entering, team and organisation.

The image below shows how these changes will appear on the allergies screen:

allergies expanded


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