User interface updates April 2018

PKB is updating the medications and tests screens this month and we’re delighted to share these changes with our customers.

Medications grouping

Past medications will appear grouped, making this screen consistent with the allergies and diagnoses screens. A medication with multiple past courses will appear in one group. This grouping will only apply for medications from the same source organisation and route of entry in PKB.

There will continue to be no groups in ‘current medications’. So if a patient has more than one active course of medication that will be easily visible.

The most recently ended course date will show when details are not expanded. The text [view history] will indicate that there is historical data in the details of that group.


Older courses in that group will be displayed by expanding the drug history details.

medications expand

Test location

We will now display ‘location’ for a test result  if a location description has been provided in the ORC-13.9 component for that test report in a HL7 ORU^R01 message. This location will be shown in the test result table as part of the information associated with a datapoint. It will be displayed under ‘Source’.

location test

Test withdrawal

If a test result is withdrawn, PKB will display that a result has been withdrawn. The original datapoint will be not appear on the graph, and the table will indicate there has been a withdrawal and the date this occurred.

test withdrawal

We welcome any feedback on these changes if you’d like to contact us!

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