Sites Live June 2018

We are excited to announce the following sites are now active this June!

The following deployments are part of the EU research project “Keep Control”. Keep Control consists of experts from clinical, biomechanic and neuroscience research, along with experts from the industry, who all aim to gain a better understanding and treatment of balance and gait deficits in older adults.

The project aims to scrutinize aspects such as:

  1. comparability of balance and gait assessment in the clinic and the home environment,
  2. gait and balance deficits as prodromal markers of neurodegeneration, and as markers to differentiate between Parkinsonian syndromes,
  3. association between freezing of gait and balance, and
  4. gait and balance deficits in patients with sarcopenia.

Deployments that are part of the project are:

  • Keep Control, Newcastle University(UK) – Neurology
  • Keep Control, Motek (Netherlands)- Neurology
  • Keep Control, Hasomed (Germany) – Neurology
  • Keep Control, Munich LMU (Germany) – Neurology
  • Keep Control, Kiel CAU (Germany)- Neurology
  • Keep Control, VU Amsterdam ( Netherlands) – Neurology
  • Keep Control, University of Lille ( France) – Neurology
  • Keep Control, KU Leuven ( Belgium) – Neurology
  • Keep Control, GaitUP (Switzerland) – Neurology
  • Keep Control, Centro Hospitalar Do Porto (Portugal) – Neurology

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