Improving PKB email notifications

We will improve our email notifications this month. You will see changes to the email address our email notifications are sent from and the email text.

PKB sends email notifications to users when their record changes, or when the record of someone they care for changes. For key changes, e.g. a new message or appointment, PKB sends an email notification for each change. For other changes, e.g. new tests or measurements, PKB sends a maximum of one email per day.

1. New sender email address for email notifications

We are switching to an email delivery service provider with larger-scale and more reliable email delivery. 

Importantly, when we make this change the Reply-To email address will still be, but the sender email address will change to

Some customers may need to update their whitelists to reflect this change. We will monitor any bounces and rejections in case we trigger any localised blacklists.

This update is planned for the week of June 18th 2018.

2. Updated email notifications text

We are improving the text in our email notifications to be more consistent, concise and complete in information. Links in email notifications will take users directly to the section of their record where the data has changed, rather than the dashboard page listing all changes. This is because some users did not know where to go to from the dashboard.

For example, previously email links for new tests would take a patient to the patient’s dashboard:


Now, email links for new tests will take a patient directly to the tests section where data has changed: 


Updates will start with emails to patients, followed by carers and then professionals. The full list of existing templates is available on our help pages and we will update the documentation.

If you have any questions on these changes, please contact us.

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