Sites Live February 2019

We are excited to announce that the following sites are now active this February!

  • As part of the North West London Care Information Exchange (CIE), Pearl Medical Practice is creating patient records and sharing information about demographics, diagnoses and allergies.
  • The Urology Department at the Princess of Wales Hospital is inviting all patients to see their pathology results and to self-manage their care with PKB.
  • University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust is inviting patients with new appointments to receive letters digitally. The trust is aiming to reduce both paper correspondence and the number of patients that do not attend appointments (DNA’s). This will create the capacity to improve patient care, increase savings and raise productivity. Eventually, patients will see test results and clinical specialities will offer remote messaging, library resources, care plans and individual consultations.
  • The Thyroid Cancer Virtual Clinic at Cheshire East is using PKB for messaging and to provide patients with digital letters and a library of tailored resources.
  • Patients with outpatient appointments at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust now receive their appointment and follow-up letters digitally with PKB. Eventually, patients will see their pathology results and teams will also carry out virtual clinics and schedule appointments. Additionally, the trust is using the system to add demographic updates, information about A&E / inpatient attendances and multi-disciplinary meetings.

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