What PKB users have achieved against COVID-19 as of 3rd April

Dear PKB community, 

This week, we are pleased to announce that the following new customers have joined the PKB community and are starting their rollout of test results and registration for all patients.

  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe, has signed a two-year contract with PKB. The PKB platform will be deployed to support remote patient management/ monitoring, facilitating the Trust’s aspirations to reduce demand on outpatient services.
  • York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust which is responsible for services across York, North Yorkshire and Scarborough, signed a two-year contract with PKB this week. With patients cared for by a number of hospitals in the region including Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (which has been using PKB since 2019), patients will have a single front door to access services from across both organisations. This will also facilitate improved information sharing between the hospitals.
  • Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is responsible for health and care services across Pontefract Hospital, Pinderfields Hospital, Dewsbury and District Hospital and community health services in Wakefield. The Trust plans to share documents, letters and lab results with patients following a mass registration.
  • Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust has signed a contract and are beginning integration work to share lab results and to switch services to remotely manage patients. 

What we’re learning from this experience is that the perceived barriers to things like contracting, governance and communications, are just that – they are perceived. When the burden is lifted, things start to happen quite quickly. Decisions are made, plans are drawn up and teams are lined up to initiate roll-out plans. The world is being forced to rapidly transform our society on an unprecedented level. And, I’m proud to say that here at PKB, we’re meeting this challenge head-on. 

Another customer meeting the challenge is Connected Nottinghamshire. Over the last few weeks, they have been incredibly busy registering GP practices and patients to use the NHS App – which is now officially integrated with PKB. 

Despite the lockdown, they have already completed over 8,100 registrations. A local GP and advocate for the service also convinced her mother, who is self-isolating, to sign up. She said her daughter told her this would be, “the most important thing she could give me as a doctor and as my daughter to help me and the NHS in the coming months.” 

This is a shining example of the importance of patient-held health records and why we must work together to mobilise the public with the information and tools they need to manage their health at this time. And, as we scale this work, we’re looking forward to sharing the same benefits with more customers and their patients over the coming months. More details to follow next week.

Stay healthy and safe, 

Mohammad Al-Ubaydli
CEO, Patients Know Best

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