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Social care integration with Mosaic now available

PKB’s integration with Servelec’s Mosaic software is now available for patients in North West London. This allows patients and professionals to see social care data from Mosaic within a patient’s PKB record. 

PKB’s integration with Mosaic is a result of NHS Digital’s ‘Digital Social Care Pathfinders Programme’, which aimed for greater collaboration between health and social care settings. As part of this programme, North West London decided to expand the Care Information Exchange to include social care data from Mosaic. 

Within PKB, this data is displayed on a brand new page titled ‘Social care’. For patients, this can be accessed via the tiles on the homepage and for professionals it can be accessed using the menu bar when in a patient record. 

Patient’s homepage

Professional’s menu bar

What Social care data are included? 

The new Social care page in PKB contains 5 sections which are:

  • Social workers – this includes the names and contact details of a patient’s social worker
  • Care package services – this includes the type of care packages the patient is receiving as well as the times, locations and frequency of these services
  • Assessments – this includes the names of assessments and the dates they were completed
  • Case notes – this includes the date the notes were completed and the date they are effective from 
  • Current communication needs – this includes information about additional support the user may need for communication 

Who can see this information?

All patients within North West London’s Care Information Exchange (CIE) network can see the Social care tile. Any professional or carer who has access to a patient record within CIE, and has been granted access to Social care privacy access, will also see this page. 

Who will have data on this page? 

PKB is currently enabled to pull data from three instances of Mosaic. These are:

  • Westminster City Council & The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
  • Brent Council

If a patient is not receiving social care from any of the above councils, there will be no data available for PKB to display.

A patient also needs to have an NHS number recorded in both PKB and Mosaic and to be opted into sharing with third parties in Mosaic for the data to be returned to PKB. 

Further information on the Social care page is available in our manual. If you have any questions or need support using this feature, please get in touch


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