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Vaccination Data in Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best (PKB) is set to show vaccinations, including COVID-19 vaccinations, in the PKB personal health record. 

If a patient is treated by a GP practice using EMIS Web, they will have a record of the exact vaccines they received in the ‘Medicines’ section of their record. Vaccines administered since early 2014 will also be available when the EMIS extract service feed is restarted later in Q2 2021.

Additionally, a new section called ‘Vaccinations’ will be added to the PKB record under ‘Health’. This section will be used to record the administration of a vaccine. Vaccinations recorded on this page will include the logo of the source of the data, e.g. the GP surgery, to make the source easily identifiable.

This section will initially be populated with a patient’s vaccination history from their GP practice, if their GP is using EMIS Web.

Once EMIS data has been integrated, we will work on allowing patients to add their own vaccinations here. We also plan to work closely with our customer organisations to specify APIs that allow us to accept vaccination data from other systems.

If you would like to send vaccinations to PKB, please get in touch with our product team

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