Mental Health Awareness Week – Coventry and Warwickshire

As our penultimate feature post, Patients Know Best (PKB) would like to both announce and welcome our latest Mental Health organisation, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust (CWPT).

The partnership between the two organisations provides a patient portal for CWPT patients and carers to support the engagement, co-production of care and access of information. After running a competitive process earlier in 2021, CWPT awarded their Patient Portal procurement to PKB.

”I am pleased we are able to announce our partnership with PKB, especially during Mental Health Awareness Week (May 10 – May 16), as our patient portal will allow us to keep in touch with our service users and their carers and families helping us engage with them more easily and supporting them to become more involved in their care.”

Sarah Banks, Deputy Director of Contracting, Performance, Systems & Information at CWPT

CWPT, who are one of NHS Digital’s Global Digital Exemplars (GDE), spent the time leading up to their procurement, working with their patients and carers, to find out what digital systems and services would make the biggest difference to their user experience. These requirements were put out to tender and PKB is delighted to have been selected as their partner of choice to help them deliver on these requirements for positive change. 

As part of their roll out of the PKB platform, which is due to start imminently, CWPT will be meeting its users requests to provide them with the following:

  • Improved communication via the platform for patients and carers with their professional teams
  • More self management tools – such as PKBs symptom trackers, integrated devices, dynamic care plans and digital library of resources
  • Remote care/care outside of traditional settings
  • Better links to local resources and additional support groups and access to information.

The programme, utilising PKB, is going to provide patients with access to their health and care record digitally, including care plans and test results as well as a variety of supporting resources. In doing so, the aim is to also function as an enabler for patients to influence their care, contributing to their ongoing record of care, treatment and progress. The patient may also, if they wish, share their information with other individuals, including healthcare professionals outside of CWPT (e.g. their GP or other secondary care providers) and retain their own access for future reference. 

Using the patient portal, patients can be in control of their health and care also saving time for themselves, their carers and their families, helping them communicate with their doctor, and supporting their care between visits. The Patient Portal solution will support and enable the delivery of a truly paper lite clinical response.  Improving the access for patients, carers and families to real time digitised information at the point of requirement and improve clinical decision making, care delivery and patient, carer and family experience.

The PKB mission combined with the CWPT vision provides an exciting partnership and opportunity to make a real difference in the lives and journeys of the patients and carers of CWPT. PKB is very excited to provide the platform to support CWPT deliver on this vision and provide a positive digital change for the patients and carers engaging with these services. We look forward to providing updates on the progress and outcomes of this collaboration over the next year.  

In tomorrow’s blog we will be talking about Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust’s long standing programme of work with Patients Know Best within the Ketamine Treatment Service for treatment of resistant depression.

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