NHS login on UK team registration pages

We have updated the team-based self-registration pages on our UK server with a button to register using NHS login. Patients are able to use their NHS login to verify their identity and register for a PKB record. Teams can use this for self-referrals from patients whose identities have already been verified.

All teams have a registration page for their patients set up by default, unlike the main PKB login page, the team registration page links the patient to the team. This enables teams to share this registration page link with their users, to allow patients to register and add themselves to their team. 

When a patient adds themselves to a team, they can access vital resources that the team chooses to share, such as consultations, care plans and information in the team library including documents, videos & signposting links.

This is useful for:

  • self-referral services such as maternity, wellbeing & physiotherapy
  • super specialist services speeding up diagnosis by being more accessible to patients with unexplained syndromes
  • disease charities making information freely available
  • researchers enrolling patients in trials
  • private practitioners recruiting and onboarding new customers

You can read more on how teams can use team registration pages here and there is a guide for patients on how to register to a team with their NHS login here

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