Cheshire East nominated for three IT Industry Awards

Healthcare in Cheshire East is being recognised for its innovative use of technology in three different IT awards this year.  The team have been shortlisted for the following awards:

Health Tech Awards for the Patient Facing Digital Solutions 

***UPDATE: Congratulations to the team who won in their category for Patient Facing Digital Solutions in the Award Ceremony held on Thursday 7th October 2021 ***

Digital Technology Leaders Award for the Best Public Sector Digital Project category

UK IT Industry Awards for the Collaborative Technology of the Year Award

Using the software of Patients Know Best (PKB), Cheshire East Council has created the MyCareView Patient Portal, part of the MyCareView patient-first service for people in East Cheshire. This provides health and wellbeing resources from local and national sources in one place.  The MyCareView patient portal gives individuals (and their families and care network) direct access to information held about them in primary and secondary care.  This feature-rich service gives patients the ability to communicate and share information securely with their chosen contacts or clinical teams from multiple organisations.  It is currently the only digital patient health and wellbeing service in East Cheshire that can do this.

MyCareView patient portal is integrated with the NHS App.  Individuals are therefore able to access its services via a single ‘digital front door’ using NHS Login credentials, or directly through the PKB patient portal user interface.

Integration with Synertec (commonly used at NHS hospitals for letter delivery) means that patients can view letters through their portal account.  This avoids the need for letters to be printed onto paper and sent through the post, providing cost savings and environmental benefits.

MyCareView is also integrated with Health Unlocked (eSocial Prescribing software) to enable the patient’s social prescription to be stored in the patient portal.  The tailored content curation tool matches a person’s health conditions and lifestyle needs with online information held in Live Well Cheshire East, including services in the local directory and rated mobile Apps.

“We are thrilled to be shortlisted for these awards and for the recognition of the hard work that everyone has contributed to get us to where we are now.  The ever increasing functionality and interoperability of Patients Know Best has allowed us to deliver a patient facing digital solution that supports the self-management and collaborative care of the residents of Cheshire East.”

Valda Williams, Senior Responsible Officer for the Project

Patients who register with the MyCareView Patient Portal can access the following services:

  • See hospital appointments and letters.
  • Add and track symptoms and measurements, such as blood pressure readings.
  • Access to a library of information including Patient information leaflets.
  • Access to optional care plans to share with a care professional or clinical team, for example blood pressure monitoring for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Access to clinical teams for secure messaging and a condition-specific information and guidance library.
  • Ability to share access with family, friends, and own care professionals.

The service has delivered key benefits in the following areas:

  • Avoidance of unnecessary travel.
  •  Avoidance of enquiries for information due to online availability.
  • Faster and more efficient communications with patients.
  • Direct secure messaging between clinical teams and patients.

“It has been great to work with the team at Cheshire East and begin to reap the rewards for all the effort that has gone into this project. Being shortlisted for these awards is a reflection of the progress we have made collectively and is just the start of what we want to achieve in the region”.

Chris Marsh, PKB Account Manager

We wish the team the best of luck in the finals for the awards.

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