We’re pleased to share with you the latest teams joining the Patients Know Best (PKB) community and using PKB with their patients!  Read more about the teams and how they’re using it.

  • As part of the Living Labs Programme, Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland and Full Health Medical have partnered to provide a pilot group of patients with their routine health screening data via PKB.  Using Care Plans to record measurements and lab results for the patient to view and share with other health care professionals as required.
  • Hull University Hospitals NHS Trust
    • The Rheumatology Healthcare Prescription Team – the team are using PKB questionnaires with their patients to check if they have had their required blood tests for their condition. If yes, the team can generate a healthcare prescription for them, if not the questionnaire is a reminder to them to get their blood test done.
  • Along with the UK Kidney Association (UKKA) we are continuing to roll out PKB to renal units across the country to provide renal patients with a more secure and improved functionality platform giving patients more data and more tools to manage their condition.  Read more about it here.

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