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Welcome to September’s instalment of our development blog. This month, we’ll release a FHIR API that organisations can use to send consultations to patients and we’ll extend the freeze record feature so that organisations can freeze any record. 

New FHIR API to automatically send consultations to patients

Organisations will soon be able to use our FHIR endpoint to automatically ask patients to fill in consultations. Organisations can build an integration to send consultations to individual or multiple patients from their local systems as part of their regular workflows. 

The patient(s) will receive an email notification asking them to complete the consultation in their record. Clinical teams can see the responses by extracting them into their local systems using our FHIR QuestionnaireResponse endpoint or they can log in to PKB to view them as a message or download bulk responses in a CSV

The specification for this FHIR endpoint is now available in our developer wiki. Please speak to your PKB project manager if you are interested in using this.

Freeze Record functionality will be available for any record

Professionals will be able to temporarily block access to a patient’s record using the ‘Freeze Record’ feature. Currently, this is possible if the patient is under 18 years old, but customers have requested that this feature be available for all records, regardless of the patient’s age. This supports safeguarding vulnerable patients, protecting patients during a mental health crisis, and investigating data breaches. 

While frozen, the patient cannot log in to their record, neither can carers or non-institutional professionals. Institutional professionals can still log in as part of care delivery.

The ‘Freeze record’ button when a Professional views a patient record 

Set registration targets on the Weekly Project Report 

Many organisations have targets for the number of PKB registrations so they can measure their progress in giving patients access to their records. To allow organisations to track their growth, targets will be able to be added to the Weekly Project Report. Every week, an organisation will see their registration total as a percentage of their target.

If you would like to set a target for registration or simply access your organisation’s Weekly Project Report, please speak to your PKB Project Manager.

A registration target on the weekly project report 

Romanian language support

PKB will support the Romanian language, our 23rd language. We want records to be accessible to patients from all over the world and for those who do not have English as their primary language. Read more about changing language in PKB in our manual

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