Advanced questionnaires upgrade

We are excited to announce the upgrade of our questionnaire (consultations) feature, which will improve the experience for both patients and clinicians. We are working now with pilot customers. If you would like your organisation to be next for the end of July launch, please contact your PKB success team project manager.

Advanced questionnaires will support: 

  • scoring responses
  • branching so that follow-up questions are based on previous questions’ answers
  • clinical codes so that patient measurements, such as height and weight, can be captured in a standardised way
  • all patients can respond to a questionnaire without needing to register for PKB
  • saving drafts so that patients won’t lose their responses

A PHQ-9 questionnaire, displaying the calculated score as a field at the bottom of the questionnaire

A set of mood-related questions being displayed to a user after they responded to an earlier question

A more detailed description of each feature is on the advanced questionnaire page in our developer wiki. Bookmark that page, we will update it regularly. 

Advanced questionnaires will be rolled out iteratively. Existing questionnaires will remain, but all new questionnaires will use the advanced questionnaires functionality. 

The first stage, currently expected at the end of July 2023, focuses on sending and retrieving the new advanced questionnaires using our FHIR API. Patients will get an email notification with a link to the questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire itself will be in our new style and organisations can use the new features listed above.

After that, we will add advanced questionnaires into the Patients Know Best (PKB) user interface (UI) to allow organisations to send/extract answers manually, or patients to initiate these. Users will see a link to the questionnaire in the Events and Messages section and they can respond, amend or view responses from there.  

The FHIR endpoints for advanced questionnaires will be separate from the FHIR endpoints for our existing questionnaires, but we expect only minor specification changes. We will support the following FHIR endpoints for advanced questionnaires:

  • send-questionnaire-request Operation
  • Questionnaire Resource (FHIR R4)
  • QuestionnaireResponse Resource (FHIR R4)

Later this month, we will publish more technical details about moving to advanced questionnaires so that organisations can prepare. If you are interested in using advanced questionnaires, reach out to your Customer Success Lead. 

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