Surrey and Sussex trust are using PKB with 3200 IBD patients to transform patient care

At Surrey and Sussex, healthcare professionals are transforming care for IBD patients by integrating PKB with the hospital’s Cerner Millennium electronic patient record. Along with specialists nurses, the new technology is helping patients manage their diseases at home and avoid A&E visits.

Dr. Azhar Ansari, the project lead and consultant gastroenterologist at Surrey and Sussex calls this “our Gutenberg moment in healthcare”.

Using Patients Know Best and our specialist nurses, we have been able to create safe patient pathways that can support people using tablet-based treatment. We started with 60 patients on tablets and now have 700. This is a significant saving to the NHS.

If a patient needs a blood test, we can order it here, create a pdf and send this to the Patients Know Best record so the patient can get the test done at his or her GP. The results are shared via Patients Know Best so everyone knows the result.

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Surrey and Sussex IBD patients receive patient-controlled records

Patients Know Best, the world’s only fully patient-controlled medical records system will be rolled out to 4,500 inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients across the Surrey and Sussex Hospital Trust (SASH) region. Continue reading

BMJ Feature: Flipping the model for access to patient records

Lots of questions are being asked about NHS England’s initial promise back in 2012 to make full medical records accessible online to patients. The project has since slowed down and the NHS is carefully evaluating the best way forward. This article featured in The BMJ describes where the NHS is now but also in contrast looks at how Patients Know Best, which is a private company that is providing patient-controlled medical records, has been successful in partnering with NHS Trusts and providing patients with digital medical records. The success is best described by “flipping the model for access to patient records.”

Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, PKB CEO:

When you digitise [medical records] this happens by institution: first via GP practices, then the laggards— which is the hospitals—but each just takes care of its internal silo and forgets the patient. Patients usually don’t go through the neatly organised care route that the government has created for them—they may go to a private GP in London, then a supermarket pharmacist in Surrey, then a hospital in Cheshire, then have a Marie Curie nurse visit.

So you can say: ‘let’s have a central database’ or you can say ‘what’s the common theme here?’ Well, it’s the patient, so why don’t we follow the patient and not the institutions.

The full article can be found here.

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DNAdigest interviews Patients Know Best

DNAdigest is a nonprofit organization whose objectives include engaging, facilitating and educating the community about access to genomic data. In an interview with Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, DNAdigest covers the challenges to sharing data, especially nuances to sharing genomic data, for medical research.

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Doing good by doing business

Are doing good and doing business mutually exclusive? This video would beg to differ. As part of the Global Competitiveness Forum, where global business leaders, international political leaders, selected intellectuals and journalists come together to network and discuss business, competitiveness and its effects, this panel presents a special niche that focuses on business and doing good.

  • Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud – Alf Khair
  • Lujain al Ubaid – Tasamy
  • Mohammad Al-Ubaydli – Patients Know Best
  • Ashraf Naguib – Global Trade Matters
  • George de Lama –  President of Eisenhower Fellowships

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The Guardian: Can tech save the National Health Service?

Featuring Director of Technology for NHS England, Beverley Bryant, PKB CEO, Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, and UCL researcher on 3D printed drugs, Dr. Stephen Hilton, this Tech Weekly podcast from The Guardian explores how the NHS is moving forward with its digital health plan.

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Digital doctors: on a mission to change medicine

Just before the new year the FT wrote a wonderful article about doctors who built technology companies. This came about initially from conversations with the wonder Doctorpreneurs team whose interviews are well worth reading for any budding health care entrepreneur. It was great to see that Touch Surgery whom we share an investor with. Earlier this month Balderton led a £3.5 million investment in PKB.

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