PKB Partners with uMotif to give a patient-powered boost to healthcare management

We are excited to announce a new partnership with uMotif, a software company that is helping people track and capture health data between appointments.

From our press release, Dr CEO Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli:

uMotif’s software is scientifically validated and also beautiful to use. Their tools are great for patients to collect data and professionals to understand the data. Integrating with PKB makes uMotif’s data securely available to all the clinicians looking after the patient, and part of all the other data these professionals have about the patient.

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HSJ’s Clinical Leaders of 2014

Now in its second year, HSJ picks the 100 clinical leaders of 2014 based on their greatest impacts in health policy, service transformation, and innovation. All individuals selected by HSJ contribute to the impact by using their clinical backgrounds in a variety of ways.

A happy hat tip to Dr. Paul Hodgkin, featured in the list as founder and chair of Patient Opinion. This is a non-profit service that uses patients’ voices to reform healthcare services.

Also a shout-out to Dr. David Pencheon, Director of NHS Sustainable Development Unit. He is creating awareness of greater sustainability within the NHS in England. We are big supporters of the SDU, and we try to do our bit as online medical records and consultations reduce our customers’ carbon footprint.

We are excited that Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, founder and CEO of PKB, has also made it to the list.

While others talk about the importance of giving patients access to their medical records, Dr Al-Ubaydli gets on and does it. Patients Know Best is now used in 40 hospitals in the UK, and by patients and clinicians in seven other countries.

Smart Technology must be at the heart of any GP efficiency drive

From PKB’s CEO, Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli,

[I]t’s not a case of asking already hard working GPs to work even longer, it’s a case of looking at how the whole of the NHS can work smarter – using the latest innovations in healthcare that are already available. Patients deserve it, GPs deserve it and we will all benefit as a result.

In the recent post on, Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli is making the case that the answer to the challenge for GPs to work efficiently with all NHS institutions is to embrace new innovations that are helping reduce A&E visits, providing healthcare data between hospital visits and working with patients to help them look after themselves.

The entire blog is well worth reading below.

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Patients Know Best unaffected by Shellshock vulnerability

There has been a lot of publicity today about the Shellshock bug, a serious vulnerability that has been found in the bash Linux shell.  Bash is open source software used very widely for administering Linux servers via a command-line; it is also used for some processing in common web application architectures (and this is where the problem is most serious).

Patients Know Best’s servers were not affected by the vulnerability at any time, so there is no need to reset your PKB password or be concerned about your data due to this vulnerability.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Taiwan features social enterprises such as PKB

PKB was interviewed by UDN TV from Taiwan as a part of a story exploring the success and growth of social enterprises in the UK. We were chosen as a successful social enterprise by the CEO of UnLtd, whose vision and support has been extremely beneficial to the growth of the company. Speaking of our own CEO, Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, Cliff Prior said:

He had lived since the age of ten with a long term medical condition, which meant going from one clinic to another clinic to another clinic. He invented this because of the problem he has solved. It is now going international. It’s a major export project. It will probably become the world’s standard for personal healthcare information.

With UnLtd Foundation for Entrepreneurs as the world’s largest social enterprise platform, Taiwan as well as 9 other countries are using it as a model to build their own social enterprise sectors.

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Finding and Adding Test Results on PKB

Patients like Jason Murtagh love using PKB’s test results.

Before I may have sent an email with my results to one doctor but for one reason or another, that message might not have reached anyone else. Now I can post my results up and know that everyone involved in my care can see my results and can see how my condition is progressing and reacting to different treatments.

You too can access your test results, either through the PKB web site or through your PKB app on your smartphone. On the web site, click on the Health icon, and then Laboratory. Your results will be shown separated by body area, where you can directly click on the relevant area to find your latest results. For each test result, you can also view a graph that shows the history of your results of that same test. PKB further helps you understand what the test results mean by translating some of the medical terminology into layman terms and providing you with normal ranges for comparison.

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The Guardian: Can giving addicts access to medical records aid recovery?

PKB’s Dr. Lloyd Humphreys, a clinical psychologist by training, wrote an insightful piece in The Guardian on how giving addicts control of their medical records can aid recovery. The article mentions our work with Delphi Medical’s substance abuse treatment service.

Lloyd addresses the major difficulty that addicts face in recovery. It is the fragmented system that prevents organizations from having a single view of that person’s medical history or treatment plan.

However, giving patients control over access to their medical records solves the fragmentation. Patients, who can access their medical records, will have those records no matter where they are and who treats them. It improves communication with the patient and coordination of care around the patient. With full access to their medical records, patients are empowered to act when they recognize relapse signs. Especially for addicts, giving them full access to their medical records builds trust and confidence.

Our partnership with Delphi Medical will provide its users with full access to their medical records online and help empower them on their road to recovery.

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