PKB partner shortlisted for HSJ Award

Peterborough and Stamford NHS Trust have been working with PKB to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment for neurological patients.

Since March 2015, neurological patients have been utilizing one aspect of the PKB medical record by uploading videos of seizures and sharing those videos with healthcare professionals without having to be present. A useful tool to support the diagnosis of epilepsy, the PKB platform allows patients to quickly and securely inform health professionals of not only one but several pieces of footage, which can help with diagnosis in a timely manner.

It’s improved our ability to discriminate between epilepsy and non-epilepsy. And where it is epilepsy, it’s improved our ability to treat it. – Dr. Richard Brown, consultant paediatrician

Given the success of this pilot, Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals will be rolling out PKB for their inflammatory bowel disease patients as well.

Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals have been shortlisted for the Health Service Journal (HSJ) Award for their innovative approach in using Patients Know Best.

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Patients Know Best, the world’s first fully patient-controlled medical record, is teaming up with The Symphony Complex Care Hub to support patients with multiple long-term conditions.

The Hub team will help patients navigate the different services involved in their care more efficiently and effectively than ever before as well as providing direct intensive support when required. It will also support the patient to better manage their conditions and health – enabling them to become more proactive in their care and avoid stressful emergency treatments.

Operating across South Somerset, The Symphony Complex Care Hub provides its patients with a Patients Know Best account, a bespoke detailed care plan and one-to-one support to help them reach their goals. Continue reading

Updates to Measurements

By popular demand, we are upgrading the measurements page of your PKB record. This page lets you track important measurements that can give you and your health team insight into your health between your appointments. Examples include patients tracking their blood pressure to ensure that their medications are keeping their hypertension under control or patients using any number of 100+ integrated devices with PKB like Withings wireless scale or Fitbit to track weight, fitness and sleep patterns. All these data are extremely valuable as they paint a real-time picture of the state of your health, which is why we’re releasing a new improved measurements page that will give you all your measurements data a glance.

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Patients Know Best (PKB), the world’s only fully patient controlled medical records system is today collaborating with Oxford University’s George Institute for Global Health on a research trial studying how home monitoring tools can support heart failure patients. Continue reading

Upgrades to the consent process

When we started PKB we deliberately chose a simple consent process for patients. Either the patient trusted someone with their full medical record, or they trusted them with none of the record. Patients trusted a small number of people with their full record and this was clear for everyone to understand.

Over the last year we have been working with medical professionals and with patient groups to test out a more sophisticated privacy model. The new model splits the record into general health, mental health, sexual health, and social care. We wanted it to allow more choice but maintain ease of use. You will see these changes in August, and these will also mean changes to the consent process. Continue reading

Upgrades to the privacy settings of your medical record

In August, you will see lots of new features for managing the privacy settings of your medical record. We have spent the last year testing these out with medical professionals and with patient groups and you will see the results in the next few weeks.

From August, each data point in your record will have one of four privacy labels: general health, sexual health, mental health and social care. For example a glucose result for diabetes may be ‘general health’ while a Chlamydia test may be under ‘sexual health’.

The author of each data point will decide the privacy label at the time of entering the data point. For example, a diabetes team sending a glucose test result may file it under ‘general health’ but if the test result came from a sexual health team they may give it a ‘sexual health’ label so as to hide their activity and protect your privacy. For a more technical description of how IT departments and software developers can do this see our developer documentation on privacy labels. Continue reading

Cancer Registry records available to PKB patients by end of 2015

We are pleased to announce that we are working with the National Cancer Registration Service (NCRS) and Cancer Research UK to provide all PKB patients access to the national cancer registry by end of 2015.

Started in 2013, Cancer Research UK, NCRS and braintrust (a brain tumor support charity) began offering a small pilot of brain cancer patients access to their treatment records through a patient portal. In 2014, the study expanded to other cancer types. Today, 11 clinical teams across England offer patients the ability to look at details of their hospital visits such as tumor reports and treatments as well as give them the means to improve the accuracy and quality of their medical data. In 2015, the study is looking to make the national cancer registry data available to any cancer patient in England.

That is why PKB is partnering with them to provide our patients access to NCRS data so that:

they can see and understand all the information about their health. We also know from previous research that 92 per cent of our patients want to make their data available to researchers so we expect that they will want to contribute additional data to the NCRS registry – further advancing cancer research. – Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO of PKB

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