HealthCamp UK 2009 in the British Medical Journal

Dr Richard Smith, our Chairman, attended HealthCamp UK 2009 and wrote about it in the British Medical Journal:

How might we do better at sharing failures? How could online patient feedback be developed in Italy? How could the NHS cut its carbon footprint by 80%? How could patient inserts be improved? How could the undoubted skills of people with autistic disorders be better employed for society’s benefit?

Entrepreneurs, I noticed, are interested in how questions. I thought back to Bill Clinton saying that it is how questions that are important and that he’d spent too much of his political life answering what and why questions.

After the lightning talks we voted on the top nine that we wanted to discuss. I was thrilled that 10 people voted for my question—”How can we get ordinary doctors to publish lots of ordinary case reports?”—and it made it into the top nine. But the question that came top was “How to get people currently running on machines in gyms to do use their energy to do something socially useful?”

Here is the lightning talk that got him those 10 votes:

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