Know Thy Health presentation at the Health Foundation

I have long been a fan of the think tank Demos so it is a pleasure to be part of their research on patient access to medical records. This is a follow-on to their and is funded by the Health Foundation. The final report, by Peter Bradwell and Faizal Farouk (co-author of The Talking Cure) will come out later in the year but in the meantime they circulated a draft to all participants and invited us all to discuss the draft in London.

We started with this excellent presentation by Peter:

And went on to discuss further details. It was fascinating to sit with so many pioneers in this movement in the UK: patients and clinicians, entrepreneurs and front-line staff, charities and companies, all working together to improve patient care.

As with all Demos research the report is well-reasoned and well-written. It will be particularly useful for giving independent verification of all the benefits of patient access. I look forward to reading the final version.

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