PKB at London Business School: We are hiring

Today I was a member of a London Business School panel on careers in healthcare. My co-panelists were highly successful professionals from highly successful large companies: AstraZeneca, Bupa and Lilly. I hope we can join their ranks one day. And in the meantime, you can join us at Patients Know Best. We are already have one MBA student from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and I was keen to recruit more from LBS.

Who are we looking for? We want our employees to demonstrate two things: a single-minded commitment to patient care, and a deep understanding of how to work online with patients. We can teach you the latter, but you must live and breathe the former.

A member of the audience asked me what my biggest challenge was as CEO. My answer: creating long enough low-risk ways of working with new employees for us to evaluate their character. With the recession, sadly there are lots of very clever people who we can hire. Looking through your CV we can also get a fair idea of which part of the organization you can contribute to. And within a couple weeks of working together we can evaluate your skills.

But character takes a long time to test. And as we strive to earn the trust of 1 million patients in storing their records online, it is vital that each employee demonstrates probity in all their actions. So one of my jobs is to provide low risk ways to demonstrate your integrity and your commitment to the welfare of patients. It is also the job I take the most pride in as it has led to the most extraordinary group of people joining our company. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining our team.

Finally, a special thank you to Dr Jamie Wilson for inviting me to the panel. Jamie was one of the participants in HealthCamp UK 2009 and he impressed me with his passion for improving health care, as well as having the medical blog with the coolest name: Osler’s Node. (You have to be a medical nerd to appreciate it, but it really is a cool name.)

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