Channel 4 invests in Patients Know Best

It is my pleasure to announce that Channel 4’s investment arm, 4iP, has invested in Patients Know Best. Dan Heaf blogs beautifully, and the full post is worth reading:

To my mind Cambridge based Patients Know Best is a game-changing, noise making and innovative web start-up that sets out to fix a vital yet broken aspect of our healthcare system.

When I first talking to the 4iP team, I was delighted to learn about Channel 4’s three founding pillars:

  1. inspire change
  2. make trouble
  3. be first

These are the same values that drive us at Patients Know Best, although we had never summarized them in such a cool trio. We look forward to working with the 4iP team to continue transforming health care systems around the world for the benefit of patients.

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