Some important new functionality in Patients Know Best

Recently we’ve added some important new functionality to Patients Know Best that represents a step-change in the product and unleashes the power of patients and their clinicians working online together. Now, a clinician who is accessing a patient’s record through Patients Know Best can see the full list of other clinicians that patient is working with, plus all the discussions the patient is having with other clinicians. For clinicians this is great because it gives them real-time access to important information about the patient’s health and care outside of their contact – no more blind spots. For patients this is great because they can rest assured that all the critical discussions and information about their health are stored in a single place, for everyone involved in their care to see.

I’ve been working with patients who have specialised health conditions, and I’ve heard from more than one of them that often their local clinicians just aren’t aware about the treatments and protocols for their condition, and even skeptical when they hear about it from the patient (e.g. patients taking their own bloods). Now, once a patient has invited both the specialist and local clinician on to Patients Know Best, the local clinician has full visibility of the
specialist treatment.

And I have heard on more than one occasion from both patients and clinicians about letters and faxes from one institution to another going missing; with this new functionality, once documents are shared with the patient through Patients Know Best, that very mundane – and incredibly frustrating – problem goes away.

Another new feature we’ve introduced is the ability for patients to upload files. We’ve gotten lots of inquiries from people who have heard about Patients Know Best one way or another and have asked how to sign up. PKB is designed for patients to work with health care institutions, but we know that some patients are ahead of their institutions when it comes to using the internet to empower patients and improve health care. So we wanted to give patients the ability to start building their personal health record on Patients Know Best for their own use, and in anticipation of their clinicians’ joining. Once the patient has invited clinicians to join him/her on Patients Know Best, the clinicians can view those files, just as they can view the patients’ discussions and clinical team.

Et voilà, truly networked, collaborative health care has arrived.


  1. This is a very good idea as in addition it can provide people who are initially thinking about it to take small steps. Then if they feel secure about going the whole way hopefully they might find a clinician who is willing to participate. How do people start the b all rolling first?

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