New features: secure messaging between clinicians, and clinicians can designate their speciality

A few weeks back we introduced a new feature in Patients Know Best which allows clinicians to send secure messages to each other. Many people aren’t aware that in most cases email isn’t secure, sometimes even when emailing within an organisation. So, while Patients Know Best is designed primarily for facilitating patient-clinician communication, we know that there are situations where clinicians need to consult with each other about a patient and need a way to do this securely. For example one of our customers raised the need to facilitate secure communications about their patients among a network of clinical experts all around the world. So we went away and built the capability. Now, in addition to enabling secure communications between patients and their clinicians, Patients Know Best also enables secure communications among clinicians around the world. The communication is HIPAA compliant for US clinicians, and European Data Protection Act compliant for EU ones.

We’ve also introduced another feature that makes PKB more useful for specialists: clinicians can now designate their speciality (in My Account) so that the online consultation is tailored to that speciality. When a patient starts a consultation with a clinician, by default PKB asks the patient to choose a reason for the visit from a general list of common medical symptoms, but if the clinician has chosen a speciality, the list of reasons for the visit will reflect that. Furthermore, the detail of questioning will vary with the speciality. For example, a patient consulting with a GP or family physician about their abdominal pain will be asked different questions to those when consulting with a gastroenterologist. The aim of this feature is to make consultations easier and more productive for both patients and clinicians by making sure all the right questions are asked ahead of, or in some cases instead of, an in-person consultation.

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