Testimonies from Luton and Dunstable University Hospital

We have been working closely with Luton and Dunstable for a few years now to help provide their inflammatory bowel disease patients with a web based tool, PKB, to enable clinicians to monitor and help patients self manage within the community. We’ve asked both clinicians and patients to talk about why and how PKB worked for them. We like to highlight a few of their stories.

Clinician Testimony

Dr. Matthew Johnson is the gastroenterologist lead at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital. By understanding the acuteness and stability of these chronic illnesses, the team recognized that “800 patients out of 2,840 patients could be monitored in the community without having to draw them up for clinics” – the inspiration for working with us. The result? They were able to monitor patients in the community (using PKB as a communication portal with instantaneous guidance provided) and when patients needed to be seen, they were accommodated in the clinics within 24 hours.

The entire project is described here:


Patient Testimony

David’s Story

As much as we imagine and we hope for the Patients Know Best app to provide value for patients, we are delighted to hear real experience from David, a patient at Luton and Dunstable.

I was asked to join in on Patients Know Best [at Luton and Dunstable] and found it very useful… it’s convenient for both parties to communicate, however silly the question is and get an answer back usually within 48 hours. Recently, I had a cardiac incident where my heart went into atrial fibrillation – about 200 beats/min… on the Monday I got on the system, PKB, and let the guys know here [Luton and Dunstable IBD team] know my situation and trying to find out whether there was any treatment that was contraindicated…. I didn’t want to compromise the treatment I was getting for ulcerative colitis. I talked to the specialist… and they both decided to go ahead in a slightly different direction than they originally thought of because I was able to give feedback just straight from the iPhone… I felt the value of that.

Here is his story:

This is not the only story. We have many more here.


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