PKB Partners with Quality Practice to Bring Patient-Controlled Online Care Plan Services

Since 1st April 2014 GPs have been participating in Unplanned Admissions Direct Enhanced Services (DES). The aim of DES is to reduced unplanned admissions in hospitals by (a) creating a registry of the 2% of patients most at risk for unplanned admissions (b) improving access between patients and healthcare staff and (c) providing personal care plans for patients.

Patients Know Best has been working closely with Quality Practice, a software and business services company that helps practices overcome new challenges, to develop a new QP Digital Care Plan Manager, which will help GPs meet the DES requirements.

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Below is a brief description of the service.

QP Digital Care Plan Manager plugs directly into the NHS secure network and enables the GP, on behalf of that patient, to share the patient’s medical records with their entire care team – specialists, health workers and doctors – at the click of a mouse. At the heart of the care plan manager is a sophisticated Personal Health Record, Patients Know Best, a tried and tested platform operating in over 60 medical institutions in the UK and six other countries. Operating like a highly secure version of Facebook, Patients Know Best aims to put the patient back at the heart of their own healthcare management whilst at the same time freeing up GP’s valuable time and reducing NHS costs. – Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO of Patients Know Best

The simple tool is a patient-controlled cloud based electronic record. Dr. Simon Bradley, founder and medical Director of Quality Practice, clearly illustrates the need for this accessibility.

He gives five reasons:

1. it can be controlled by the patient

2. cloud-based means universally available

3. it devolves maintenance and updating to all those involved in individual patients’ care

4.  it is secure, will not get lost or defaced and is legible

5.  it can be interactive, prompting patients and carers, and provides increasing scope for self care.

His explanations are worth looking into.


This service is available now for practices inside and outside the Quality Practice network.

Contact Quality Practice or ring 03333 449090 for a demo and further information.


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