PKB and Leicester: Next Generation Medical Training

It’s well known that medical students train rigorously through case studies. The most rigorous training comes to them in their later years where they participate in hospital rounds or simulators that interactively drill them. However, this type of interactive and virtual education has now been piloted to medical students earlier in their training.  Leicester Medical School has teamed up with PKB (Patients Know Best) to build a unique training program that reflects the current trends and expectations of future generation of patients and physicians.

Speaking at the Royal Society of Medicine, both PKB CEO Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli and Leicester innovation team leader Dr. Ron Hsu reflected upon the development of the tool, along with the lessons and observations learned along the way. For their full commentary, you can view the entire session here.

Responding to the pilot, BMA medical academic staff committee co-chair Peter Dangerfield predicts:

this will become a component of personal skill development in undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare education.

(from the BMA article Instant education: virtual treatment for clinical practice)

Dr. Al-Ubaydli was fascinated to watch the students navigate the tool and develop in particular this crucial skill:

A consultation is a dialogue between the professional and the patient – the sooner they learn that the better.

This pilot has already generated interest from a number of international organizations. PKB’s partnership with Leicester Medical School allows us to share the teaching materials developed under open-access copyright license with all other medical schools, worldwide. Just let us know your interest by emailing



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